Source: Paramount is finished with ‘Friday the 13th’ film franchise

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When Paramount abruptly cancelled the planned Friday the 13th reboot film in February 2017, disappointed Friday the 13th fans were left to wonder if a new  Friday the 13th film would ever get made.  If a new Friday the 13th film does get made, don’t expect to see the Paramount Pictures logo attached to it.

When Paramount-based production company Platinum Dunes, the company behind the 2009 film Friday the 13th and the aborted reboot, completed the 2016 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, all of the company’s energy moved toward the proposed Friday the 13th reboot film.  As Friday the 13th fans painfully recall, the reboot was literally set to start filming, with Breck Eisner directing from an Aaron Guzikowski script, when Paramount pulled the plug.

Paramount’s decision to cancel the Friday the 13th reboot film was, according to a source close to both Platinum Dunes owner Michael Bay and the lawsuit between Friday the 13th series creators Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller, solely due to the poor box office showing of the film Rings in February 2017.  “After Rings was released, the studio didn’t see any point in spending tens of millions of dollars on Friday the 13th, on another horror franchise,” says the source, someone who was present when Cunningham and Miller were deposed.  “I think the studio’s doubts about Friday the 13th also go back to the previous film, which made, like, $40 million in its opening weekend and then dropped off precipitously.  They thought a new Friday the 13th film, the first in nearly a decade, would perform like Rings.”

The still-brewing legal wrangling between Cunningham and Miller has also raised questions, and fears, as to whether a new Friday the 13th film can be made without the threat of a legal challenge.

Now, approximately one year after the proposed Friday the 13th film, which was set to be a period piece, was scrapped, there are no plans, and there have been no discussions at Paramount, regarding the possibility of resuscitating the Friday the 13th film franchise at any point in the future.

April will see the release of the supernatural-horror film A Quiet Place, which is the first Platinum Dunes project to be released since the Friday the 13th reboot film was shelved.  After A Quiet Place is released, the next film projects that Platinum Dunes is focusing on are Dora the Explorer and Duke Nukem.

David Grove is an author, journalist and a produced screenwriter from Vancouver. He’s the author of the books Making Friday the 13th, Fantastic 4: The Making of the Movie, Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen, On Location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th, and Jan-Michael Vincent: Edge of Greatness.