Jamie Lee Curtis Recording New Commentary Track for ‘Halloween H20’

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Jamie Lee Curtis Commentary - Halloween H20

A little over a month ago, we reported on the impending release of Anchor Bay and Scream Factory’s mammoth Blu-Ray endeavor entitled Halloween: The Complete Collection. While we knew right away that the set would hit stores this fall, and that it would contain all available cuts of all ten Halloween films, details as to what extras would be included have been almost nonexistent.

Thankfully, today brings the news that legendary¬†scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis is reuniting with director Steve Miner to record a brand new commentary track for 1998’s Halloween H20. One of the most successful sequels in the franchise, H20 retconned the events of Halloweens 3-6, and picked up Laurie Strode’s story directly after the end of 1981’s Halloween II. Unfortunately, most of H20’s goodwill was squandered by the near universally disliked ¬†Halloween: Resurrection, coincidentally directed by the man behind Halloween II, Rick Rosenthal.

Bad sequels starring Busta Rhymes aside, fans with long memories will recall that the original DVD release of Halloween H20 advertised a commentary track from Curtis and Miner on the back cover, despite no such track appearing on the disc. The exact reasoning for the exclusion remains unknown, as Miner has confirmed that the track was indeed recorded. It could have been removed for any number of reasons: bad things were said about the studio, Curtis and Miner were too blunt with their opinions concerning the film, and so on. Still, that all remains pure speculation, and at the end of the day, Anchor Bay and Scream Factory are once again doing right by the horror community via this newly recorded effort, moderated by Horror’s Hallowed Grounds host Sean Clark.

Halloween: The Complete Collection will be released on September 23rd. The set is being made available in both a 10-disc standard package, and a 15-disc limited deluxe edition.

Halloween H20 - Laurie and Michael