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‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Celebrates Anniversary With New Updates

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Fans of Friday the 13th: The Game are finally getting some major wishes granted starting this Thursday. This week marks the games one-year anniversary since it was first released to the public.

The game has seen its fair share of trouble. Connection errors and faulty glitches have enraged even the most hardcore fans of the franchise. However, as time has passed, improvements have seemed to slowly better some of its worst qualities.

Thursday will bring a new update to Friday the 13th: The Game that fans have been begging to see come alive for quite some time.

The announcement of the new addition of Single Player Challenges (and more!) came via the official twitter account of Friday the 13th: The Game.

Saturday would mark the official one-year date, amping up this special anniversary to be a killer good time.

Besides the promising single player challenges, the massive update will include new content and features. Unlike updates in the past, this one is much bigger, expanding the single-player game mode. Some of the features included are:

A new camp counselor named Victoria Sterling, new Roy skins, upgraded Jason grab, AI Improvements, a rework of part 7 Jason, PC key-binding, a finished version of the Salt Mines update, Jason weapon selection, and more. A graphical engine update will aim to better the graphics as well.

Gun Media released a clip last month teasing the updated rendering process.

This update is free of charge and will be available this Thursday (May 24th) on all platforms.

Not only will there be bug fixes and new ways to kill those pesky counselors, Gun Media is also rolling out some extra XP and Tape Drops from May 24th to the 29th.

This XP will come in handy since new features and versions of Jason can only be unlocked when your XP is high enough.

Now let’s get into some of the updates in more detail.

The Salt Mine seems to poke fun at some of the sore losers of the online video game. A Gun Media community leader broke down what exactly the Salt Mines entail on the Friday the 13th: The Game official website forum.

“We all know how excruciating it is to play a match, snatch up a counselor, and – BAM! – ‘the host has left’ pops up on the screen,” wrote Community Admin ShiftySamurai on a post. “It’s annoying. It’s INFURIATING. It’s an issue that players have been experiencing, and telling us about, for a while now. But what do we do about salty players who can’t take the fact that they are losing? We give them Salt, with a Capital S”.

ShiftySamurai goes on to explain:

“Salt is a currency, only instead of being able to buy something cool with it, you buy an express ticket to the Salt Mines. More on that in a minute. Earning Salt is EASY! Just do any of the following:

  1. Leave a match early, like a jerk
  2. Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk
  3. Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk
  4. Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk”.

The Salt Mines will be a place of limbo where Salty players will be casted and forced to queue up with only other salty quitters. Salty players will be able to play anyone in private matches but can only participate in quick play while in the mines with others.

But don’t worry, if you are one of these salty players, salt will apparently go away with time. That is, if you do not continue to accumulate more salt.

The ability to switch weapons and deaths between different Jason skins will only be available once you reach level 113.

With that being said, it looks like only the dedicated fans of Friday the 13th: The Game will benefit from this ability. However, with all these new features being added onto the game, it’s never too late to start racking up those kill points.

So, dust of your hockey mask, grab your worn-out boots and get ready to crack open some camp counseling skulls during the Friday the 13th: The Game Launch Anniversary Spectacular!

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