Annabelle: Creation Director David F. Sandberg Just Released Some Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Daniel HegartyNews1 Comment

If like us, you have been busting a gut to see the next movie in The Conjuring universe we may have something to keep you going until the release of Annabelle: Creation on August 11th.

However, be warned the footage released earlier today does contain some spoilers but, if like me, you are happy to take as many tidbits tossed your way, feast your eyes on the following clip.


Watching the clip gave much insight into Sandberg’s world or creation and he certainly does not carry the image of talking through a speakerphone from the director’s chair. He is up in front of the camera between takes, demonstrating what he wants to see from the actors and crew. I think this means the end product is going to be as close to his vision as possible and personally I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

About David F. Sandberg

Sandberg started out as an amateur movie maker, he and wife Lotta Losten made several shorts from the setting of their apartment.

It wasn’t until their YouTube sensation ‘Lights Out‘ went viral that Hollywood came knocking.

Not only offering the opportunity to turn the concept into a feature length, but also to let him helm the director’s chair. Now, Sandberg is full steam ahead getting offers left right and center. He’s definitely one to watch out for in the coming years.

David is very active on social media, ask him a question and there is a good chance he will answer. Follow him on twitter here @ponysmasher. See more news from The Conjuring universe right here.