10 Frightfully Fun And Easy Halloween Treats Anyone Can Make!

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Could it really be that time of year again??!

Proceeds to sniff the crisp air while sipping on my pumpkin spice coffee…

Oh yes, we have definitely hit the most beautiful season of the year. Fall; and with Fall comes everyone’s favorite holiday! Are we excited yet? Halloween is my Christmas. I am one of those people who keep the decorations out all year long and go completely apeshit in the spirit of the season. When it comes to good eats, that is no exception.


Not only am I an overly obsessive Halloween fanatic, I’m also a mother to two humans. That means Halloween parties galore both young and old during the October month. Whether it be at school, home or a friend’s place- Halloween foodies are an essential to any seasonal social gathering. However, whipping up something eye appealing can be a bit time consuming. Whether you’re a parent crunched on time, or simply cooking illiterate (both in my case) I’ve gathered up 10 frightfully fun and easy Halloween recipes that anyone can make into one delightful place for you to get some ideas on those future festive gatherings. Enjoy!




Witch Brooms

witch brooms


This is about as easy as it gets, and might I add brilliant! Simply take a Reese’s cup, a pretzel stick and wallah! Instant Halloween treats. The perfect blend of sweet and salty is sure to be a hit with young and old.

Recipe provided by: Couponing to Disney



Boo-Nana Pops



Another insanely easy and fun idea is what is appropriately called the Boonana pop. Simply take half a banana and generously dip into melted white chocolate, add chocolate chips for eyes and finish off with a popsicle stick for holding.

Recipe provided by: SkinnyTaste.com



Doughnuts Of Doom



Here’s a fun way to liven up that dozen of glazed doughnuts! All you need is a bag of fake vampire fangs and candy eyeballs. Lightly press into the doughnut and presto: Instant doughnut delishness!

Recipe provided by: Mom Always Finds Out



Trick R Treat Pumpkin Cookies



Honestly, does anyone here NOT cherish the holiday gem of Trick R Treat? You can replicate Sam’s lollipop into a tasty cookie with a simple pumpkin cookie, homemade or store bought- depending on your time crunch; Orange and black frosting with a cake pop stick and done. I got this idea from a Vegan recipe website, so for those herbivores out there the link is below!

Recipe provided by: Very Vegan Holiday



Bloody Shirley Temple

bloody shirley temple


This one, you can twist around and get creative with. All you need is plastic syringes filled with Grenadine and some sprite. Or if you prefer Vodka like me, that works too.

Recipe provided by: Made From Pinterest



Jolly Rancher Candy Apples

candy apples


We can’t talk about Halloween treats without mentioning the glorious candy apple! Simply melt your favorite flavor of Jolly Ranchers in the oven at 250 degrees for 5 minutes and pour over a batch of fresh apples. Add some edible glitter for effect! Granny Smiths work best with this recipe.

Recipe provided by: Just A Pinch



Carrie Cupcakes

carrie cupcakes


This is sure to be a hit with any horror fan! A little more time is needed as it isn’t touch and go but regardless an overall simple recipe. All is needed is:

  • cake mix
  • crushed fudge cookies
  • ready to use icing
  • strawberry jam filler.

The decos placed on top are simple DIY that can be used with a popsicle stick, piece of paper and a broken dolls arm ( you can grab a hoard of those cheap dolls at the dollar store) for step by step instructions see the link below!

Recipe provided by: Hubpages



Horror Movie Cake Pops



Cake pops are almost always found at any festive party these days, but these in particular are sure to get some attention by your guests! Cake pops are simple enough to make and with a little shaping and decorating, you can make these too for your next Halloween party! For tips and supplies needed see the link below.

Recipe provided by: Bakerella



Pumpkin Milkshake


We need pumpkin everything during the season and this 4 ingredient recipe is both delicious and easy. All that is needed is:

  • 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream
  • 3 tsp of canned pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Add all to a blender, top with whip cream and indulge. For us adults, a few shots of Rum is splendid with this concoction.

Recipe provided by: A Day In Motherhood



Count Chocula Clusters



Here we have what may be the Holy Grail of simple Halloween treats. Count Chocula Clusters! This can be used with any of the Halloween cereals, however I think this one tastes the best. All you need is some:

  • 10 oz melted white chocolate
  • 3/4 cup pretzel sticks
  • 1 1/2 cups Count Chocula

Combine all these beauties in a bowl, slap it on a parchment-lined sheet pan and let dry for 2 hours and then thank me later.

Recipe provided by: Spicedblog



Will you be trying any of these this year? For more Halloween themed food for thought, head on over to last year’s entry 10 Horrifying Halloween Recipes to complete your terrifyingly tasty menu!