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PT Teases First Person Horror for Silent Hills

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Silent Hills

The new installment into the massively successful Silent Hill franchise boasts an impressive roster of talent behind it’s creation. Movie directing royalty, Guillermo Del Toro is collaborating with video game genius, Hideo Kojima. If you don’t know of either of these visual masters, Del Toro is the man behind such work as Pacific Rim and Pan’s Labyrinth. If you know of his work you will already be aware that he has vast wells of experience in creating grotesque and fascinating monsters. Kojima was producer and writer of a raft of games in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, many of you will know that this means he is a veteran when it comes to the creation of cinematic, engaging video games.

The fact that Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead is onboard as lead actor is also not to be forgotten. It is interesting that they are going down this road with their voice actors, as often main characters are voiced by professional voice actors. Rarely is a famous actor who has already established themself in a big role on-screen appeared in the leading role of a video game. However this means only good things for Silent Hills, Reedus has secured a large fan base from his role as Daryl in The Walking Dead, a portion of which will follow his career to this game. Not to mention the fact that Reedus is a fantastic actor and used to the horror genre.

silent hill

A playable teaser or “PT” for short has been released on PS4 recently. Though I do not own a Playstation 4 the teaser is available in full on YouTube, I would recommend watching one of the videos with no commentary as it ruins the atmosphere.



The demo itself is creepy and sinister, do not be mistaken about PT it is no simple jump fest, the Playable teaser for Silent Hills has an uncomfortable and sinister atmosphere. If you have a nervous disposition I would not recommend playing PT, it features not only jump scares but some truly upsetting imagery.


The teaser doesn’t spoil anything for the final game, as it takes place entirely in the corridors of a house. Although, it does leave clues and hints toward the story of the final product. Radio broadcasts tell of terrible events that may be linked to the events of the new Silent Hill game, clues and puzzles are written on the very walls of the environment you explore. The first person aspect to the game definitely adds an extra depth to the game, making the player feel genuine terror at Del Toro and Kojima’s creations.

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