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Ah, evil Santas. We absolutely cannot get enough of them here on iHorror, whether they’re slashing up victims in holiday horror films or creeping out kids at department stores. There’s just something that’s so much fun about giving the happiest time of the year a dark makeover, which is precisely what this little holiday treat does.

Coming our way courtesy of DM Pranks Productions is a Silent Night, Deadly Night-inspired scare prank that is right up our alley, featuring a sadistic Santa doing all sorts of sadistic things. Sometimes wielding an axe and other times dragging a faux dead body behind him, this Santa is right at home in a holiday slasher film, and the prank gleefully pushes the boundaries of good taste.

Check out a compilation of this killer Santas best scares below, and have fun laughing at the terror of others!

[youtube id=”-vfqSkrfhlw”]

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