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Project Morphus ‘Kitchen’ demo horrifies at E3

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That fear that you feel just before boarding a fucking terrifying roller coaster ride, might be the same feeling you get once you are able to play horror video games in virtual reality.

At E3 2015 Capcom introduced a demo simply titled “Kitchen” for the Project Morpheus. Judging by E3 attendees reactions the demo is terrifying on another level completely. Carly Chevalier of vrscout.com had a horrifying experience with the game that seemed to exceed the fear that everyone else had experienced as you can see in the hilarious video below.


There is no actual footage available but the description is that you are thrust into a game where you are bound to a chair in a decrepit kitchen, being filmed by a camcorder, with a body at your feet. After a few moments of trying to gather your surroundings the body groans and rises wielding a machete. The unidentified person tries to unbound you with the machete right before a demonic figure jumps from the shadows and butchers them. The shadowy figure then concentrates its butchery on you without you being able to do anything except watch it happen.

“Kitchen” fully immerses you into the experience from creating a visual atmosphere and a  sound design that doesn’t allow you to escape even if you close your eyes.

Judging from the reactions this one is going to be a doozy.

[youtube id=”9kr6IKnmdkE”]

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