It was over 20 years ago that the very first Goosebumps book was released, way back in July of 1992.  In the years since, hundreds of millions of copies of R.L. Stine’s kid-friendly horror stories have been sold, and I don’t think I’m too out of line in saying that the Goosebumps books are responsible for ushering more youngsters into a lifelong love of monsters, madmen and paranormal happenings than anything else. Goosebumps For me personally, Goosebumps served as a wonderful starter course and introduction to the world of horror, and though I’ve progressed to far more frightening and horrific things since, I still have an incredible love for and intense childhood connection to those drippy green letters, eye-catching cover arts and fun tales of terror.  In fact, it’s not too uncommon that I find myself picking up one of the many books I still hold onto to this day, on a quest to relive those wonderful childhood memories of laying on my bedroom floor and reading about haunted masks, monstrous hamsters and spooky theme parks.  The Goosebumps books are, in simple terms, one of my favorite things on this planet.


Due to the success of the books, it was only natural that Stine’s tales would eventually make their transition to other forms of media, which they indeed did in 1995 – when ‘reader beware, you’re in for a scare’ became ‘viewer beware, you’re in for a scare.’  Goosebumps: The TV Series ran for four seasons, from 1995 to 1998, and it brought to life many of the most popular stories from the books.  Once the series came to an end, talks of a feature film adaptation soon began, though the transition to the big screen wasn’t as simple. It was in 1998, in the TV series’ last year, that Tim Burton became attached to a Goosebumps movie, which he was set to produce.  That’s about all we ever learned of the project, which never ended up coming to fruition.  More serious talks of a feature film began in 2008, when Columbia Pictures announced their intentions of bringing the family-friendly thrills and chills to the big screen.  Stine and Scholastic sold the rights to the studio, and the writing duo of Larry Karaszweski and Scott Alexander (Ed Wood, 1408) was attached to pen the screenplay.  Again, no details were ever revealed about the plot of the movie, or what stories from the books were set to make the leap to the screen. After another two years passed without a word about the movie, Columbia hired Disturbia and Last House on the Left (2009) scribe Carl Ellsworth to write a script of his own in 2010.  It would be yet another failed attempt to turn Goosebumps into a movie, and another two years went by after the announcement… with the film no closer to making its way into our lives. It seems that Columbia just wasn’t happy enough with either of the scripts to go forward with them, and in 2012 they brought yet another writer into the fold.  This time it was Darren Lemke who was put behind the keyboard, the man who wrote family-friendly films like Shrek Forever After and Jack The Giant Slayer.  It seemed that the studio had finally found their man, and for the first time in the storied history of the attempt to turn the popular series of books into a movie, a director and star were attached and a plot was revealed. Jack Black Last year we learned that Rob Letterman (Monsters vs. Aliens, Shark Tale) would be helming the ship, with Jack Black in the lead role.  A source close to the project revealed that Black would be playing a character based on R.L. Stine, a writer whose scary characters leap off the page and invade his life.  Though Stine himself expressed doubts that the film would actually get off the ground, Goosebumps: The Movie seemed closer than ever to becoming a reality, and this week we’re incredibly happy to report that Stine – and all of us doubtful fans – have been proven wrong.  FINALLY! As per the website Project Casting, a casting call has been sent out for the movie, which confirms that it is indeed getting ready to enter production.  According to the website, producers have leased a 130,000-square foot production space, and they’re hoping that the film will lead to sequels.  Most exciting of all was the actual casting sheet, which gives us an insight into the characters that will be featured in the film.  Check it out! Goosebumps If you’re interested in signing up for one of these roles, you can send an e-mail to [email protected], with the name of the character you’re applying for as the subject.  Also be sure to include three pictures of yourself as well as your height, weight, age and phone number.  Good luck! How exciting is this?!  FINALLY!!!