Executive producers on 1990’s TV miniseries of Stephen King’s It have filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. this Thursday in Los Angeles Superior court. Frank Konigsberg and Larry Sanitsky say that they’ve been denied profits for the recent movie, claiming that it’s a remake of their production.

Konigsberg and Sanitsky say that they are owed a minimum of 10 percent of the profits for the Warner Bros. and New Line Cinemas production from 2017 and the upcoming sequel due to the fact that they have a contractual right to participate in any “sequel, series, remake, or spinoff,” and were denied any chance of negotiation of the new films production.

And the two claim:

“That the 2017 feature film is indeed a ‘remake’ is indisputable.”

I’m not so sure, but I feel that they may have forgotten about some guy named Stephen King or whatever his name is, and some long book no one really read from the 80s. I could be wrong though – Andy Muschietti probably doesn’t know about the book either.

The two ran a production company called Telepictures Productions during the mid 80’s before being merged with Lorimar. It’s now a division of Warner Bros. and produces shows like Ellen.

THR brought this situation to light, and explains:

The plaintiffs say they shepherded development of the 1990 miniseries, but that despite its success, a profit participation statement in 1995 showed the miniseries was in deficit with no profits to distribute. The two say they then waited 25 years for another profit statement, when finally this past March they got one showing they were entitled to $1 million in profits. The lawsuit questions whether that’s really everything, and Konigsberg and Sanitsky include claims of fraud over the accounting.
The portion of the dispute pertaining to the more recent movies figures to be the higher stakes battle given how It has reached blockbuster status.


It’s really up to the courts to decide if their claims are valid. I truly don’t see how the New Line and Warner Bros.’ new It films could possibly be considered a remake – sure, it has some similarities to the 1990 version… but that’s because they’re both based on a ridiculously successful book!

Sure, there were inspirations taken from the miniseries. But taking inspiration is not making a full-blown remake. Where is the logic in that?

Look – I’m no lawyer and I wasn’t in that court room. I’m sure there’s some information that’s open to interpretation that isn’t fully understood by people on the outside. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out.

Maybe they’re just upset about how much better the new version is. Yeah, I said it. What are you going to do – sue me?

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