Predator Crash Lands Into NECA’s NES Toy Line

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Toy company NECA’s 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Jason Voorhees figure, based on the machete-wielding maniac’s blue and purple look in the 1989 Friday the 13th NES game, proved so popular that the company would’ve quite frankly had to have been run by a bunch of idiots for them to not capitalize on the craze with similar releases.  Thankfully for them, but more importantly for us, NECA is not run by idiots, but rather by pretty damn smart people.  Smart people who know how to impress us with really, really awesome toys.

In Jason’s wake came up an 8-bit NES version of Freddy Krueger – which I reviewed here on iHorror a couple months back – and following him was an NES-style figure of supreme killing machine RoboCop, which is currently on its way to the front stoops of those who pre-ordered them.  Where does NECA go from here?  Well, you may remember that Predator was given an NES game of its own, back in 1987…

Yep, Predator is indeed the next big screen icon to be given NECA’s incredibly popular NES action figure treatment, which they just teased earlier today over on their Facebook page.  Check out the very first images below, which show how accurate the figure is to the way the alien hunter looked in the game!

Predator NES


NES Predator is headed our way in the spring of this year.  In the meantime, drop a comment below and let us know what other cinematic icons you’d love to see depicted in this unique style!

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