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‘Predator’ Coming to ‘Fortnite’ to Hunt in Battle Royale

by Trey Hilburn III

Predator is lurking and coming to Fortnite. The popular Battle Royale game is no stranger to the world of big crossovers and now it seems that the world of Predator is on its way soon.

So far, players have found a spot on the map that is a hute tease of the upcoming Predator drop. In fact it looks like he might already be here. The spot in question sees the alien trophy hunter’s ship crash-landed and hidden in the jungle. It’s reported that some players can hear the Predator in the area.


We aren’t sure what is going to be included or how this even will shake out. The alien hunter is a perfect match for this world. People with their John Wick skins are soon going to be able to see who would win in a battle between Wick and Predator.

Right now there are no details about about what the hunter will bring to the game. I could of course see his spear being his melee weapon. But, what else could be in the cards? If Fortnite finds a way to work in the optic camo, I’m certain fans will lose their minds.

Last year’s Predator: Hunting Grounds brought the world of the hunter back to gaming in an impressive PVP experience that a group of mercenaries up against a Predator attempting to gather their skulls as trophies.

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