Possible ‘Stranger Things’ Special Edition Release On The Horizon

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As if Target hasn’t already been killing it this Halloween season with their own line of uniquely macabre decorations, now word is beginning to spread of a possible Stranger Things season one special edition release sold exclusively through Target. Any fans of the Netflix original hit, are sure to eat this nostalgic throwback to the 80’s if and when it is released.

So far nothing is concrete over the release or the existence of the special edition DVD and Blu-Ray release, however word of mouth is spreading through Reddit as well as a possibly leaked image of the box set. Easily the coolest thing about the set, is that the packaging is a VHS tape featuring the young group of friends front and center as the cover art.

Image Credit: Reddit.com Netflix

The above picture was supposedly taken by a Target employee, and as you can see in the background, there seems to be a sizable stock in what looks like a legitimate stock room found in every Target location. While neither Netflix nor Target have made an official statement over the release, the supposed release date is October 17th. Just in time to re-watch all of season one with season 2 releasing the 27th.

With a projected price point of $24.99 and it being a DVD & Blu-Ray set, that alone makes this release an easily affordable gift for that special horror fan in your life. Unfortunately, at the time of writing nothing is concrete yet. Until either Netflix or Target make an official statement, or put out pre-orders, everything must be taken with a grain of salt.

Image Credit: Reddit.com Netflix

Elaborate internet hoax, or kick ass DVD and Blu-Ray release for the hit Netflix original, no one can say for certain for now and honestly that adds to the fun of the whole thing. Internet hoax or legitimate release we here at iHorror will keep you updated as any news becomes available.

Feature Image Credit: Netflix’s Stranger Things


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