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Possessed Doll Weeps “Real” Tears During Recent Ghost Investigation

by Timothy Rawles
Image: Daily Post

A recent ghost hunting expedition with investigator Matt Tillet in the Hideout bar in Wrexham, Wales, turned even creepier when the hunter’s doll started weeping “for no reason,” according to The Mirror.

He brought the doll named Annie along because it’s reportedly possessed and helps attract other entities during his searches.

Image: Matt Paranormal

Image: Matt Paranormal

Tillet says that Annie has started shedding freshwater tears lately. So much so the paint has started to smear beneath her eyes. He says it might be because she has recently been locked up in a glass display box.

“I’ve had her for over a year now and it’s the first time she’s had real tears,” Tillet says. “I can’t explain it. It’s been happening since I’ve put her in a new enclosure. I’ve sent it to demonologists and they’ve suggested it could be one of the demons crying because they’re trapped in the box and they can’t get out.”

The Annie doll used by Matt Tillett and Emma Wilcox

Image: Matt Paranormal

Annie, who is out of the box during investigations, was especially “upset” at her most recent tagalong with her owner, “When we were at the Hideout, she had fresh water running down her right eye,” Tillet recalls.

For those wondering if it could be condensation, Tillet says no because there is a big hole at the top which allows moisture to escape while she’s stored away.

“Nobody can come up with an answer, ” says Tillet. “It’s a one-of-a kind thing that’s ever happened – nobody has ever seen anything like it before.”

Tillet, 32, has been a paranormal investigator for eight years and has only owned the doll for the past year. She is fitted with special lighted equipment that signals the researchers to paranormal activity.

(Image: Daily Post)

“There’s never a dull moment with Annie, she’s always bringing some activity,” he said. “She has two demons that are attached to her and they help bring forward spirits and activity on the night. Her lights were going off at Hideout, so I think it was children that were trying to play with her because they like dolls.”

Evidence captured at the Hideout during the investigation may prove his theory right.

Image: Matt Paranormal

“Annie”: Image: Matt Paranormal

“We also found out there’s a six-year-old boy who lives there with his mum and dad,” he explains. “Because the little boy was so young, he couldn’t spell so all he could give us was his age, which was six. We asked him if his mum and dad were with him and he moved the planchette on the ouija board to ‘yes.’ Because of the spelling issue, we couldn’t get much more from the little boy.”

Source: The Mirror

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