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Popular Horror Movies Might Win Oscars Now With New Category

by Timothy Rawles

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Oscars, announced today that they are adding a new category to their annual awards show and this could mean that popular horror films might have a chance at taking home the coveted statuette.

The Hollywood Reporter has deemed this new trophy “The Popcorn Oscar.”

Of course, there have been horror movies that have won the gold in the past, but usually, they walk away with prizes in categories such as Best Score, Best Editing and occasionally Best Actress. They rarely ever see their names in the Best Picture lineup; Silence of the Lambs was the only one to win in that category in 1992.

In a tweet from The Academy, they announced among other things, “A new category is being designed around achievement in popular film.”

Although details about what exactly they mean by “popular film” haven’t been defined just yet, we could probably surmise that films such as IT, The Conjuring or A Quiet Place or any other high-end crowd pleaser (ahem Marvel) might not get nudged out of the race because of its genre.

The tweet also doesn’t state in which year this new category will enter into the roster, so maybe if everyone goes out to a brick and mortar theater or drive-in to see Halloween this year — just in case — it might receive the recognition (we hope) it deserves.

And if It: Chapter 2 is as good as or better than the first, it will certainly be given a nomination in 2019. Time will tell.

Of course, there are still the annual iHorror Awards which have always recognized the people and the films that successfully define our genre.

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