Ghosts caught on camera

An old school in Cork Ireland is the focus of curious ghost hunters this week as surveillance video in one of its corridors has apparently captured violent poltergeist activity.

Skeptics may want to consider that the video is being released before the annual Halloween haunt titled Fearpark on October 29 opens at the school.

That being said other motion-sensitive cameras, which would indicate similar movements, were not tripped in the same area.

“Because we have motion-sensor detectors now, we should have been able to detect other people coming towards that area on the other cameras, and we haven’t been able to,” said Principal Kevin Barry.

No matter what you believe the evidence is compelling. The capture shows doors slamming of their own force, lockers rocking back and forth, and at one point, paper flying across the hall from a locker opened by an unseen hand.

And keep watching the “Wet Floor” sign until the end.

“It was in the middle of the night,” Barry told the New York Post. “We’re bemused ourselves, we don’t know what it is.”

“We do feel there is something strange going on because people do get from time to time a real chill in the air when they go past that area.

“It’s very interesting – one of my teachers brings his pet in with him but the pet never wants to go down that way.”

Mr. Barry, also a skeptic, isn’t sure if someone is orchestrating a pretty elaborate joke, but he says the school is almost 200 years old.

He put the video up on their Facebook page for people decide for themselves.

“It’s a very old building, going back a number of years and it’s got a lot of history,” Barry said.

“People in old buildings are always hearing noises and strange sounds but this is the first time we’ve actually caught something.”

He adds: “We’d often come across papers strewn about but we were never able to say what it was, we just assumed it was students that were doing it.”

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h/t New York Post