Pluto TV Adds Channel Showing ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ 24/7

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They say truth is often stranger than fiction, and one show that exists solely to prove that theory is Unsolved Mysteries. Hosted by Robert Stack, the series documented things like cold murder cases, long-term missing persons, and reported encounters with the paranormal.

Were all the stories told on Unsolved Mysteries actually true? There’s no way to know, but it’s clear that somebody at some point insisted they were. Either way, the show’s reenactments of and interviews with people involved in these cases were always fascinating.

In the age of streaming, it’s hard to believe that people still get bored, but it does happen. After all, choosing something to watch isn’t easier when there are more options. So, why not tune in to Pluto TV’s new 24/7 channel showing nothing but Unsolved Mysteries?

That link above will take you directly to said channel, available to watch 100% free via either your browser or the Pluto TV app. Sure, ads appear from time to time, but it’s hard to argue with a price of 0 dollars, and binging a show like Unsolved Mysteries can be addictive.

For those averse to ads or who’d prefer to watch on-demand, the entire run of Unsolved Mysteries is also available to stream via Amazon Prime and Hulu, although those obviously require a subscription. Avoid the Dennis Farina episodes though, it just isn’t the same.

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