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Place a Deluxe ‘Krampus On The Mantle’ to Keep Misbehaving Kids in Check

by Trey Hilburn III

Halloween is over. Tears rolling down my face as I type. It’s a bummer. But, I guess we have to start looking at the silver linings of November and December, right? Just cause Halloween is over doesn’t mean you can’t put a little spooky in your Christmas. How about a Krampus on the Mantle to brighten your holidays. As a bonus it will keep the kids in line via a little bit of fear?

You probably already know the story but in German folklore, Krampus were used as a means of keeping little boys and girls from misbehaving. If they weren’t good, not only would they risk Santa only leaving them a lump of coal, but they might actually be carried off in a Christmas Demon’s death bag and eaten alive. Totally makes the coal thing sound more than acceptable, right?

This year, FYE is selling a really awesome Deluxe Krampus on the Mantle to keep all cozy in your home. This adorable little dude comes with a carnivorous teddy bear and a double sided killer gingerbread man. This set is modeled after Michael Dougherty’s Krampus the Adam Scott and Toni Collette holiday horror film by the same name.

The 15″ plush Krampus is a perfect way to keep your place looking spooky in the midst of all the holly jolliness.

Get that Elf on the Shelf the hell out of here. You can pick up your very own Deluxe Krampus on the Mantle for $39.99 right here.

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