Lorraine Warren

Lorraine Warren, noted paranormal investigator and author, passed from this world to the next today at age 92. Sources close to the family said that she “went peacefully in her sleep.”

Born Lorraine Moran in 1927, she and her husband Ed met at the tender age of 16, and were married one year later when Ed, who had joined the Navy, was home during a 30-day survivor’s leave after the sinking of his ship.

Together they would become pioneers in the field of paranormal investigation, and were tied to some of the most famous hauntings of the last century.

This, of course, meant they spent more than their fair share of time dealing with skeptics and naysayers, many of whom claim that the entirety of their evidence was falsified. Others believed that the Warrens were onto something real, but that Ed had a flair for the dramatic that led to larger than life claims that could not be confirmed.

Others took the two to task for their devotion to the Catholic faith in which they’d both been raised claiming their religious beliefs undoubtedly colored their opinions in many cases.

Still, they endured, and over the decades they collected numerous haunted objects including the notorious Annabelle doll, which they kept in a special museum in their home where the items were regularly blessed to dull their negative energies.

Lorraine, a clairvoyant and light trance medium, was well known for her motherly energy and the compassionate manner in which she approached those who would reach out to the couple for help.

It was Lorraine’s compassion and Ed’s charisma that opened so many doors for them, and they eventually found their names tied to some of the most infamous alleged hauntings of the 20th century including Amityville and Enfield. The couple worked together, wrote together, lived and loved together up until Ed’s death in 2006.

Her husband’s passing did not slow her down, however. After a brief period, Lorraine was back at work, and she once described it as her responsibility to continue to lend a helping hand where she could while also appearing on paranormal investigation shows like Paranormal State.

In fact, it was only two years ago, at the age of 90 that Warren announced her retirement saying she simply did not have the energy to continue.

It was in 2012 that James Wan came calling, asking for permission to dive into the couple’s case files in order to create a new film which became The Conjuring starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine. The film became a franchise, and if you look closely, you can spot even spot Lorraine in a cameo in the first film.

Farmiga spent a great deal of time with Lorraine in preparation for the films and the actress remembered the woman she knew in a Tweet earlier today.

Farmiga’s co-star, Patrick Wilson, also Tweeted his remembrance of Lorraine.

Patrick and Farmiga will reprise their roles as the Warrens in at least two more films within The Conjuring Universe including Annabelle Comes Home and The Conjuring 3.

Psychic, medium, researcher, lecturer, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, polarizing public figure…Lorraine was all of these things and we here at iHorror wish her family our deepest condolences.