Pinhead Takes a Bride

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Chucky has one, Frankenstein has one, and now thanks to an English photography studio Pinhead has one too.

You don’t have to solve an extradimensional puzzle box to figure out I’m talking about a bride.

And award winning photo studio Horrify Me has given Clive Barker’s chrome domed, spike-faced Hell Priest someone in which to betroth his hellbound heart.

Photographer Rick Jones took his inspiration from the classic 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein, but mostly Clive Barker himself, or better yet, his 1987 movie Hellraiser.

Jones thought the sadomasochistic Cenobite could use a companion and created the concept for this pictorial he calls “The Bride of Pinhead.”

International model Lotti Rose and Hellraiser fan Mike Butler took on the roles of bride and monster respectively.

The shoot was produced by Rick and his wife Claire as they played matchmaker to one of the most terrifying celluloid demons in movie history.

Rick says he didn’t want the bride to look like just another Cenobite, rather he wanted this after life partner to be visually satisfying and far from innocent.

“Brides wear white gowns to look pure and virginal, but I steered away from this,” said Rick. “Given that Hell is supposedly full of lust and sin rather than love and tenderness, I figured it would make sense to have her nude to give the character an erotic dimension. I also wanted her to be made in the image of Pinhead, so I applied his famous grid-and-pin design to her entire body.”

The photographer says fans may call foul about giving Pinhead a wife because he knows the giant prefers suffering and torment over happily-ever-afters, “However I still wanted to try this just because I thought it might look cool.”

And we have to say it definitely looks cool. The team created the look by painting the models in full body makeup including a geometric grid complete with many hundreds of handmade pins that were applied to their bodies. Lotti Rose’s spikes extend down her back and along her thighs.

The makeup process was a full day’s work, taking ten hours and three people to complete.

After seeing the photos some of the original actors from the film lauded the artists for their work, most notably Nicholas Vince and Imogen Boorman.

Of course the one person that may have mattered most, Clive Barker himself gave his review on Twitter, calling Rick’s work “Glorious!”

However detailed and gorgeous Pinhead’s bride may be, we have a question about the logistics of, well, the wedding night.

“Lots of people have asked me how their relationship works given that their pins make it virtually impossible to engage in close intimacy,” says Rick. “All I can say is that love finds a way!”

And to that, we have to wonder what Merkova would think.

If you would like to see the full NSFW gallery click HERE.

All images courtesy of Horrify Me.

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