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‘Piercing’ Is a Weird, Table-Turning Horror Movie

by Timothy Rawles

Nicolas Pesce, whose The Eyes of My Mother left audiences wondering what was going on, may have outdone himself in Piercing.

The director is currently in post-production on the latest Grudge movie, but even that story may be more cut and dried compared to this one. The trailer is a mixed bag of serial killer angst, victim bait-and-switch and psychedelic hallucinations.

Piercing is now available in the United States and Canada on both Blu-ray and DVD.

Here is a synopsis of the film from Universal:

Reed (Christopher Abbott) is going on a business trip. He kisses his wife and infant son goodbye, but in lieu of a suitcase filled with clothes, he’s packed a toothbrush and a murder kit.

Everything is meticulously planned: check into a hotel and kill an unsuspecting victim. Only then will he rid himself of his devious impulses and continue to be a good husband and father.

But Reed gets more than he bargained for with Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), an alluring call girl who arrives at his room. First, they relax and get in the mood, but when there’s an unexpected disruption, the balance of control begins to sway back and forth between the two. Is he seeing things? Who’s playing whom?

Before the night is over, a feverish nightmare will unfold, and Reed and Jackie will seal their bond in blood.

Watch the trailer below:

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