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Photog Mom Turns Her Infant Into Brain-Eating Zombie for Bloody Photo Set

by Timothy Rawles

Bobbi Rylant is getting her whole family into the spirit of Halloween including her cute nine-month-old baby Kamden with a series of creepy photos which include the tyke cosplaying a brain-eating zombie bathing in a bucket of blood.

Using a brain prop from Spirit Halloween, kool-aid mix for the bathwater, and strawberry syrup mixed with chocolate syrup for viscera, Bobbi created something special.

The zombie photos were posted on Facebook on Wednesday and have already accrued over 42K comments and 110K shares.

“I am aware that this is not everyone’s cup of tea,” she wrote on Facebook. “But happy spooky season from Zombie Kamden!!”

Before you get all worried about the “undead” baby’s well-being, Bobbi is qualified in two areas.

One, she studied Child Developement/Psychology/Early Childhood Education for several years at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and she is also a professional photographer.

Bobbi Rylant

She owns Photos by Bobbi, a photography studio based in Yukon, OK, that specializes in the art of infantography and maternity pictures.

Bobbi told us the zombie idea was actually inspired by her oldest child.

“Last year my daughter wanted to be a ‘zombie princess belle’ for Halloween,” Bobbi says. “It was a lot of fun and I wanted to try something for my son as well.”

Although the series has been overwhelmingly applauded by viewers, she says there have been some who have been unnecessarily vindictive over the snapshots.

“I’ve gotten several personal messages, negative comments,” Bobbi explains. “And even people who have never used my photography services going all the way to my business page to leave me a bad review.”

Bobbi Rylant

However, she does realize why people would get up-in-arms upon seeing the compositions for the first time.

“I understand their point of view,” she says explaining that she added a disclaimer in her post. “But it does make me feel a little sad that they would leave me a bad review when I have never taken their photos.”

Bobbi Rylant

Yet her feed is filled with thousands of positive remarks that outweigh the negativity and for that, she has undying gratitude.

“As for the people that support me, I am so appreciative of all of the positive comments and messages telling me to keep doing what I’m doing! I’m really glad they love it!!”

Bobbi Rylant

As for future Halloween projects this year, Bobbi says she’s not done with her family just yet, “I’m working on something for my 5-year-old daughter as well.”

We can’t wait!

To see more photos from Bobbi’s series click HERE. And check out her photography business page HERE.

*All photos used with the permission of Bobbi Rylant.

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