Phantasm: Remastered Gets an Otherworldly Poster

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After several years of frustrating delays, Phantasm: Ravager – the fifth and purportedly final installment in the legendary horror franchise – arrives both in theaters and on digital HD formats next month. However, Ravager isn’t the only reason for Phans to celebrate this October. Phantasm: Remastered – a 4k restoration of the classic original film, made under the supervision of director Don Coscarelli – is also heading home via digital HD.

Made possible via help from Star Wars/Star Trek director – and noted Phantasm devotee – J.J. Abrams, Phantasm: Remastered screened for the first time this past March at Texas’ SXSW festival, to an elated fan response. The 4k revamp of Coscarelli’s classic haunts home theaters via VOD and digital starting October 7th, with plans for a physical Blu-Ray release to happen before the end of 2016. To promote its arrival, artist Aaron Lea has created an amazingly cool new poster for the remastered film, featuring art just about any Phan will likely badly want to hang on their wall right after they first lay eyes upon it. Check the gorgeousness out below.

Phantasm Remastered PosterOctober 7th also marks the aforementioned release of Ravager, both theatrically and digitally. A full list of participating theaters has yet to be revealed, although one presumably will be in the next few weeks. For those of us who’ve been pining for a fifth Phantasm film for nearly 20 years now, words cannot describe how cool it will be to finally see what glorious madness producer Coscarelli and new director David Hartman have created to end the storied series. While Angus Scrimm may have passed away, the Phantasm legacy itself will never die.


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