Slipping Back Into Peter Strickland’s ‘In Fabric’ Hitting Theaters in December

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It seems like a lifetime ago that I had the good fortune of seeing director Peter Strickland’s In Fabric at AFI Fest last year. It was one of my favorites of the year, and a true fashion nightmare rendered on screen. After a long wait, audiences will be able to experience In Fabric in the first week of December in a wide release!

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The story follows a divorced bank teller named Sheila (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) who has found herself in a rut in both her love and home life. Her son, Vince (Jaygann Ayeh) doesn’t respect her. Vince’s imposing girlfriend Gwen (Gwendoline Christie) intimidates her. She finds solace at the absurdly popular department store Dentley and Soper’s, discovering a supernaturally beautiful red dress for an upcoming date. Enticed by the purple prose of the bewitching store clerk Miss Luckmoore (Strickland regular actress Fatma Mohamed) she purchases and wears the seductive red dress… with unexpected consequences. The demonic dress affecting her life and the lives of those around her.

I was able to revisit the film recently. The gap of an entire year between leaving an almost phantasmal memory in my head since I had lat viewed it. I remembered it intently for the most part. Considering the surrealist and disturbing imagery of In Fabric it truly felt like a nightmare I had in the best way possible. Despite its absurdist premise- a killer, supernaturally charged dress- or even because of it, the story leaves a truly resounding impact.

Compounded by an incredible ensemble cast that tackles every scene as to leaving an emotional punch with everything from a bad date to said cursed dress attacking like an angry spirit. As well, the intermediate scenes of Miss Luckmoore and the strange going ons at Dentley and Soper’s are enough to keep viewers hooked on the bizarre mysteries entailing the fashion sale world of In Fabric. Much like the dress, the unfolding horror and cinematography of In Fabric will leave viewers mesmerized.

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In Fabric will be released in theaters December 6 and on demand December 10.

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