‘Pet Sematary’ Remake Makes a Killing at the Box Office

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When director Andy Muschietti’s IT movie made $700 million worldwide, it was clear that the floodgates were about to open when it came to new Stephen King-based content. Considering the wealth of great King stories, this definitely isn’t a bad thing.

While IT: Chapter Two still awaits fans in the fall, this weekend saw Paramount’s new take on Pet Sematary hit theaters. The trailers made it clear that this remake – or perhaps more accurately, re-adaptation – wasn’t afraid to take creative chances.

Many King purists have complained about these changes, but they seem to have paid off. While not a full-on critical darling, more reviews are positive than negative, and the horror community seems to be embracing Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer’s film.

Pet Sematary Remake - Church The Cat Close-Up

Now, the box office totals are coming in, and Pet Sematary (2019) looks set to make a killing. The latest weekend estimates place Pet Sematary at a solid #2 behind DC superhero film Shazam, with a $25 million haul against a $20 million production budget.

While Pet Sematary might not be IT financially, earning its budget back right away is a huge win, and this is even before international numbers come in. Pet Sematary will likely leave theaters with a great profit margin, continuing the resurgence of King movies.

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