‘Perfect’ is a Raw, Elegant Approach to Body Horror

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The team behind the insanely misunderstood and maligned, Kuso are back with a much more linear narrative with Perfect. This time around the addition of Steven Soderbergh as a producer brings a bit of his brand of sci-fi sensibilities into the mix. The end result is something that is equally out of both the Kuso camp and the Solaris camp. Combined, these two components make for something that instantly begs to be seen again, if not just to get your head around it.

In Perfect, Vessel 13 (Garrett Wareing) is sent by his mother to a mysterious, secluded treatment facility in order to assist in treating some skewed human desires. In the process of trying to achieve ultimate ‘perfection,’ 13 begins to lose more of himself and his mind than he had come in with. This sets things up for an insanely, existential journey with some really big ideas at play.

Director, Eddie Alcazar combines live action with trademark animation all within a cold unwelcoming landscape. All elements lend to the stillness that is nicely juxtaposed against extreme moments and visuals as well as all out body horror.

The film exists, on at times, conflicting ideologies that involve Clockwork Orange-esque concepts on recidivism and biting commentary on the pursuit of perfection. And those are just the non spoilery bits of the ideas that this film is working with. I had to give this one a watch, then step away from it and come back for a revisit to appreciate what it was saying.

“Perfect is heady and


The production design and special effects in Perfect are, well… pretty dang perfect. A great example of that coolness at work is displayed in the 80’s action figure like packaging that patients of the clinic are administered daily. These bubble packs with cardboard backing, come complete with instructions to slice out cubes of flesh and to then insert clear plastic bits of plastic perfection into the gaping holes. It’s next level, you guys.

Perfect is best when the narrative is moving. It barely has to flex any muscles at all in order be compelling. Unfortunately, there are portions of the film that don’t move. It is injected with large amounts of filler that at times stifles the flow. Somewhere in this hour and a half film, there is an hour edit that would be much more serving and a near flawless genre outing.

Perfect is heady and mesmerizing. It achieves a austere alien-like world that is chillingly the product of years of the most human kind of pursuits. The schools of thought from Soderbergh and Alcazar compliment each other nicely and add up to something that is unlike anything else you are going to see this year.

Perfect is out in select theaters and VOD June 21.

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