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‘Perfect Blue’ Finally Recieves Official US Blu-ray Release

by Sam Angelo
Perfect Blue

In March 1991, Yoshikazu Takeuchi released his first novel Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis, a terrifying story about Japanese pop-star sensation Kirigoe Mima choosing to leave behind her career and fans to venture down the path of acting, but one unnervingly obsessed fan uses their hatred to hatch a revenge scheme that could end Mima’s new career, and possibly her life. Takeuchi’s novel caught the eye of a prodigal director who is famous for telling stories using relentless psychological deception: Satoshi Kon (PaprikaTokyo Godfathers, and Paranoia Agent).

Perfect Blue

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Released in Japan on February 28th, 1997, Kon’s film based Perfect Blue would become a critically well-received and revered film, depicting the horrifying aspects of not only having an obsessive stalker, but the terrifyingly real occurrence lines between reality and fantasy drastically blurring. Accompanying the no-holds-bar psychological horror, Perfect Blue is praised for using contrasting colors in its presentation and to subtly highlight important elements, objects, and characters crucial to the film’s plot. Additionally, Mashirio Ikumi’s work on the soundtrack is entrancing yet unsettling, as if someone combined the styles of Shoji Yamashiro (Akira) and Colin Stetson (Hereditary). Unfortunately, the west’s access to the film outside of pirating has been limited.

With the passing of Satoshi Kon, and the multiple buyouts of original distributor Manga Entertainment, Perfect Blue has not been sold on DVD’s in the US since 2005 and was only released on Blu-Ray in the UK and African regions in 2015 by Anime Limited. Western distributor of anime remasters and rereleases GKIDS was able to bring over a national theatrical release on September 6th of this year, but no word of a Blu-ray release has been confirmed until yesterday.

GKIDS has confirmed through their Twitter that Perfect Blue will finally receive its western Blu-ray release on March 26, 2019! The 2-disc set will be released unrated with both remastered English and Japanese dubs (with English subtitles) and is available for pre-order purchase at $21.99Perfect Blue‘s Blu-ray will also contain a phenomenal collection of bonus features, which includes:

  • NEW Digital Remastered Presentation Of The Film
  • Original SD Version Of Feature (Japanese Mono Dolby Digital 2.0 With English Subtitles)
  • NEW Lectures By Satoshi Kon Featurette
  • NEW Into The Blue Featurette – New Interviews
  • Angel Of Your Heart Recording Sessions
  • Angel Of Your Heart Full English Version
  • Theatrical Trailers And TV Spots – Includes New Trailers From the US And UK Re-releases
  • Cast And Crew Interviews
Perfect Blue

Image via IMDB

As both an avid horror and anime fan that has only been able to watch this movie through my Ebay bought Greek subtitled copy, certain streaming sites, or the official theatrical release, it’s spectacular to see GKIDS making sure that die-hard fans will get to finally own and watch Perfect Blue proper. Having an official copy with tons of bonus features trumps scavenging through second-hand dealers at conventions asking $90 barebones DVD copies of Perfect Blue.

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