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Pennywise Returns In Scary ‘IT’ Fan Film

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Thanks to the combined efforts of the internet, modern technology and the failure of studios to give us the horror movies we want, fan films have become increasingly popular over the years.  It’s now cheaper and easier than ever to not only make a movie but also expose it to a large audience, and a search on YouTube for fan films will turn up results for pretty much all of the major horror franchises.  Not happy with the way a terrible remake turned out?  You can now make your own.  Tired of waiting for a sequel to your favorite movie?  Pick up an HD camera and go shoot the damn thing yourself!

There’s nobody more suited to making a sequel or a remake than a diehard fan of the property, and a young filmmaker by the name of James Cawley is a big time fan of Stephen King’s IT – both the 1986 novel and the 1990 mini-series.  IT of course introduced us to the evil Pennywise the Clown, and fans have for years been begging to see the return of the villain that’s perhaps responsible for more nightmares than any other.

Another adaptation of King’s novel has been rumored and talked about since 2009, and in 2012 we learned that a two-part film was in the works.  It’s now been nearly two years since the announcement was made and we’ve yet to hear another peep about the project, and it’s that lack of progress that inspired Cawley to take matters into his own hands.

Written and directed by Cawley, the six-minute long fan film Pennywise is a concept test for a full blown fan remake that the filmmaker plans on someday making.  In the short film, a group of old friends reunite years after fighting off the titular character, fueled by revenge after one of their daughters goes missing.  “This is my version of Stephen King’s IT,” says Cawley, “set in the West in a small town called Thistle, UT where gold rush activity and coal mining have left the underbelly of the town threaded with old mine shaftsThe creature ‘IT’ was unlocked in the mid 1850s when a group of miners broke into a strange chamber…..and ever since it returns every so many years to feed on the town’s children.

Check out the Pennywise fan film below, which should hold you over until an official remake comes our way!

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