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Peek-A-Boo! Pennywise Stalks the Loser’s Club in New IT TV Spot!

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Written by Patti Pauley

We’re just under a month away from undoubtedly, one of the highest anticipated movies of the year, hell the past ten years, to finally hit theaters theatrically nationwide this September 8th, 2017. And oh man, the anxiety just keeps building with the release of teaser clips, horrifying photos of Bill Skarsgard’s version of Pennywise- such as the one released just yesterday at the fingertips of EW, and the addition of a 4 minute sneak peek of IT that comes along with a ticket to Annabelle: Creation.


King IT



Along with all these nail-biting teasers, came several short snippet trailers in the past two weeks aimed at the small screen and the internet. Today, we bring you an all new IT TV spot that features both new and previously used trailer footage!




Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of the Stephen King masterpiece IT stars  Sophia Lillis, Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor as the Loser’s Club with Nicholas Hamilton as Henry Bowers, Jake Sim as Belch, Javier Botet as the Leper, and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown (IT).

Are you ready for IT?

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