Pennywise Gets Blocky in Lego IT Trailer

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It would seem that one way you can truly know if a trailer has really made an impact with the masses as of late is whether or not it gets recreated with Legos. That time has come for IT, and the celebrated first trailer the film received earlier this year.

While the Lego recreation of Pennywise isn’t quite spot on – which makes sense as his clothing and hair are very unique – the effort and time put into the Lego IT trailer is very apparent, and several of the best moments are pretty faithfully reproduced. Check the full video out below, posted by Youtube user 22 Bricks.

Despite the aforementioned slight discrepancies in Lego Pennywise’s appearance, one aspect that looks pretty freakin’ great is the giant evil grin plastered on his face for the majority of the remade trailer.

As for the best sequence, that’s gotta be the Lego recreation of Georgie taunting Bill in the basement with repetition of the phrase “you’ll float too”, followed by a submerged Pennywise charging toward both Bill and the camera’s POV.

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If you – like me – can’t get enough of fun things related to IT, you probably loved the above Lego trailer, and will probably also love the recently released 8-bit tie-in game IT: Enter the Sewer.

IT finally arrives in theaters on September 8th, and the excitement among horror lovers is palpable. Could this be the Stephen King adaptation of our dreams?

We won’t know for a few more weeks, but everything up until now points to director Andy Muschetti, his crew, and the cast, doing justice to arguably King’s greatest standalone novel.

Stephen King's IT (2017) trailer - Pennywise Submerged