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Penny Dreadful continues in comic book form.

After only three seasons the cult-hit show, Penny Dreadful came to an alarming end. It was a sudden blow for us fans. We were not expecting the stories to be over, after all, in last season we learned of the discovery of Imhotep, and anyone familiar with old classic horror will recognize that name. The Mummy!

The Mummy was going to be part of our lives through the events of the Penny Dreadful. And honestly I would love to have seen the way they presented him.

Then the show was canceled prematurely and we were left with an admittedly rushed ending, but nevertheless stylish and well done, all things considered. It was a proper farewell to the show, one that lingered on an autumn funeral. And that’s sadly how it felt – we were gathered to pay our respects to a beautiful show that had been very much a  part of our lives for the past few years, but was now no more.

Image via Bloody Disgusting

For three years, fans dedicated their time to faithfully join in the harrowing ventures of Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett), and Sir Malcom Murray (Timothy Dalton) as they faced the rising shadows of awakening malevolence stirring in their midst. The show was bold and pitted the heroes against some of the most well-known evils among us – Satan and Dracula.

According to Penny Dreadful, both Satan and Dracula were brothers who led a violent rebellion in Heaven. Both were equal in power and cunning, and both were hurled from the Kingdom of Heaven. One was sent to Hell to reign in flames and feed off human souls. The other was cast down to Earth to reign in nocturnal shadows and feast on human blood, for the blood is the life.

Image via TV Series Finale

Through each season, the hunt for Dracula was on. As they progressed, the heroes also had to deal with many of their own jaded pasts and attached demons. In a few cases, the demons would tear through them and leave wet piles of human entrails nested in spilled blood in their wake. Often times the heroes were not so noble, and they caused almost as much calamity as the demons they sought.

Image via comingsoon

Just like Hannibal, it was sad to see a quality horror show fade away too soon. There was still plenty left to tell.

That’s why Chris King, the former co-producer of the show, has teamed up with Titan Comics to bring us more of the story we deserve. The synopsis of the story is as follows:

Image via comixology

“THE SELL-OUT AND CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED COMIC SERIES RETURNS! CONTINUES THE STORY DIRECTLY AFTER THE DEVASTATING EVENTS OF PENNY DREADFUL’S SEASON THREE TV FINALE! Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) finds himself unable to move on. As he searches desperately for meaning in a world without Vanessa (Eva Green), ancient words echo across the centuries, and he is called on once again to take up arms against the creatures crawling out of the night.” – ComicBook Round Up

Image via That’s Not Current

Purchases can be made by clicking here

Enjoy the trailer and get ready to return back to the shadowy world of Penny Dreadful.

Penny Dreadful Continues In Comics

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Posted by Penny Dreadful on Wednesday, September 13, 2017