Pennsylvania Brewery Whips Up Limited Batch of Ecto Cooler Beer

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Always on a mission to stand out and get noticed, craft brewers have become increasingly creative with the beers they churn out. From Walking Dead beer to Count Chocula beer, it seems that the sky truly is the limit, and one brewery just topped them all with their unique creation.

Located on Ardmore Avenue in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, the Tired Hands Brewing Company has become known for unconventional brews, which often flow for a very limited time from their seven-barrel system. Once the kegs are tapped by thirsty customers, they’re refilled with new offerings.

Last week, Tired Hands debuted Necto Cooler, a beer inspired by the most nostalgia-inducing beverage of all time. Originally released in the 80s as a tie-in with cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters, Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler was an orange-flavored, green-colored drink that is fondly remembered by 80s and 90s kids.

In order to achieve the retro-inspired flavor, Tired Hands used grilled nectarines to make the sour wheat beer, and they promoted the release with a painting of mascot Slimer on one of the brewery’s windows. Not surprisingly, the limited brew didn’t last long, completely selling out in a matter of days.

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I spoke with one of the brewery’s managers today and she informed me of the heartbreaking news, noting that limited edition beers like Necto Cooler often don’t ever come back. Perhaps only in an attempt to curb my audible depression, she told me to never say never, as anything is possible in the world of Tired Hands.

So if you feel it’s criminal that Ecto Cooler beer – ECTO COOLER BEER, YOU GUYS!!! – was made but may never come back, drop Tired Hands a line through their website and let them know. They’d be foolish to ignore a flurry of requests, so send in your support and demand that they bring the beer back!