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Pedro Lopez: The Serial Killer Who’s Still Out There

by Timothy Rawles

Pedro Lopez, or as he’s better known in South America, the “Monster of the Andes,” is a serial killer who remains elusive. The scary thing is that he was arrested, released, put in a mental hospital, then released again.

If you are sensitive to stories concerning the killing of children, be warned disturbing content follows:

Son of a Prostitute

Pedro Lopez was the son of a working prostitute. His father, Midardo Reyes, a political figure, hired Belinda Lopez de Casteneda after having a fight with his wife. Reyes died in a civil upheaval and six months later Lopez was born.

Since his mother continued to work, Lopez was witness to her sexual activities. He was eventually caught having fondling his younger sister, an act that got him thrown out of the house.

A vagrant at 12-years-old, Lopez traveled to Bogota and met a man who gave him shelter but repeatedly abused him sexually.

Another family took pity on him and arranged for Lopez to go to school. Allegedly it was there that a teacher continued to sexually violate him, but that was never proven.

His First Arrest

With nothing to his name, Lopez began stealing cars for a quick buck. He was eventually arrested and locked up. It was in jail that he says he was raped by two inmates.

Lopez, remembering the faces of his assailants, sought them out and killed them before his release. It’s never been determined if his sentence was extended because of the killings.


Once out in the free world, Lopez began to stalk and kill children, mostly indigenous young girls in the rural villages of Peru.

With already over 100 victims by 1978, a Peruvian tribe leader caught Lopez and would have buried him alive had a missionary not intervened and convinced the tribe to hand Lopez over to the police instead.

Caught, But Not Jailed

But Lopez never went back to jail, the police released him soon after the missionary left.

This was too close a call to stay in the area so the intrepid killer fled to Columbia and eventually settled in Ecuador where his swath of killing continued. He once bragged that he was killing three girls a week.

Disturbing Confession

During his reign of death, he managed to kill, by his own admission over 300 people, most of them young girls. He preferred the youth of Ecuador, saying disturbingly, they were “more gentle and trusting, more innocent.”

The killer was caught once again and confessed to an astounding 300 murders. He led law enforcement to some of the graves. His victims ranged from 9 to 12 years old.

Despite the number of killings he confessed to, Lopez was convicted of only 110 of them, declared insane and ordered to serve his sentence in a psychiatric facility. He was released in 1998 for good behavior. He was also declared sane.

Where Is Pedro?

He fled Ecuador and has not been seen since. He is wanted for questioning regarding a murder in 2002.

In an insensitive and tasteless entry into their book of world records, Guinness once gave Lopez the title of the “most prolific serial killer.” They soon redacted and removed mention of it after people understandably accused Guinness of making a competition out of serial killing.

Lopez, if he is still alive, will be 71-years-old in October.

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