Paul T. Taylor, New Pinhead, Talks Future Hellraiser Films

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Are we in for another film with Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead?

The actor, who is set to play the lead cenobite in the upcoming Hellraiser: Judgement may have just given us the answer. In an interview with TrunkSpace, the actor had a lot of interesting things to say about the new film, as well as his role in the horror world. To be honest, if anything, this recent interview has helped to ease any doubts I’ve had about the new movie.

Here, he speaks about the future of the Hellraiser franchise:

TrunkSpace: Some fans who have been following the franchise for decades may never accept a new actor in the role of Pinhead, but does this chapter offer NEW fans, those unfamiliar with the franchise, an easy jump on point?
Taylor: I think so. Some people may not understand exactly who Pinhead is. They may want to go back and look at “Hellraiser” 1, 2 and 3… maybe even 4… and see some of the history. But, at the same time, it is a new chapter. It’s an unexplored part of Hell, I would say, introducing some new characters and some new mechanisms behind where Pinhead and all of that comes from. And, it’s also a jumping off point for a sequel following this one that could continue the story that it tells because it’s a true “Hellraiser” script with a beginning, a middle, and a sort of ambiguous end. And these new characters they introduced could be in future “Hellraiser” films. I can’t talk about them. I’m not supposed to because that would be giving spoilers away. But, I think people are going to be fascinated with it and the gore elements that we get from like the “Saw” movies and the things that are total, what I would say, on the border of horror porn, there’s some elements of that in it and that will please many “Hellraiser” fans and many fans of just what contemporary horror can be these days where it’s just a gross-out.

Interesting. More than anything, his enthusiasm about the project is certainly welcome in my book. There are those who think that Doug Bradley is the only one who should be playing Pinhead. Paul T. Taylor acknowledges this throughout the interview but seems excited nonetheless about the fan reception to him filling in such big shoes.

In my favorite moment of the interview, he shed some light on whether or not he would come on board to play the character again. His excitement shines through and he also lets us in on some of his hopes and dreams for his acting career.

… I would love to play Pinhead again. This opportunity came along and it was totally unexpected. Here I am suddenly portraying my favorite horror icon of all time. I’ve been working as a professional actor for 35 years. It’s not like it’s an overnight thing. I earned it in a way, but it was still a surprise!

And, I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, it’s not just Pinhead that I want to play. I mean, I want to… who’s to say that the Bela Lugosi, or the Boris Karloff or the Christopher Lee kind of thing couldn’t happen for an actor these days? Those actors played more than Frankenstein, played more than Dracula. You know, Christopher Lee… I don’t even know how many characters he played. A horror actor’s career should be more than one character and if there are other icons that someone wants me to play… Freddy Krueger, hint, hint… sure! It’s not like I would say no to that. Again though, this is BIG dreams, but I believe in big dreams. If you can’t dream it, it’s not gonna happen.

Wow. I love that. Those are some bold words; but look, it’s going to happen eventually. Wouldn’t it be great if someone who truly understands the character and holds a deep passion for it could be on board for a project like that? I don’t think there’s any other way to successfully do it.

Make sure to read the full interview here.

Paul T. Taylor is up against a lot taking on this role as Pinhead. I’m hopeful about it. How do you feel? Does this interview make you feel any differently? Let us know!

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