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Written by Patti Pauley

There really is no horror Christmas movie out there quite like Gremlins, and if you try to tell me otherwise I will gladly explain in detail how incredibly negative you are and send you in the opposite direction from me; hopefully stepping in some ca-ca somewhere along the way. Joe Dante raised the bar to significant heights with the legend of the mischievous little critter with his 1984 blockbuster, and the “Mogwai” have come a long way since that infamous gremlin tormented the shit out of William Shatner on that airplane.

You’re the OG Twilight Gremster, but not as cool as Sir Stripe duder.


The combination of light horror, humor, and brilliant storytelling place Gremlins at the top of many critics lists, including my own. One of my favorite things in particular from both the original and the sequel, is the different personalities each Gremlin possesses. While they all look pretty much identical, each Gremster that has some focal feature in either film, can be easily separated from the horde through their identity quirks. Of course, it was a lot easier to tell some of them apart in the second film thanks to the Splice O’ Life Lab in the Clamp building; however it was clever to physically give them a few changes nonetheless. Any fan of the films, easily has their favorite Gremlin, and I like the rest of them do as well. So, with the holidays looming over us, I wanted to celebrate one of the greatest horror Christmas films and the coolest little mythological creatures ever brought across the big screen. So here we go- the 10 goddamn coolest Gremlins from the movie series!

10. Daffy Gremlin


Later known as the ‘Dentist Gremlin’, this wacko character provided some hefty comic relief for The New Batch. Daffy, the hyperactive member of the Gremster squad was probably the LEAST evil out of the original four Mogwai that emerged from Gizmo’s brush with H2O, and was more prone to plain old-fashioned mischief. Daffy is that drunk best friend you have to babysit. If he’s not carefully watched, shit is going to hit the fan.

9.  Flasher Gremlin


Soooo. Do I really need to explain here? This party animal’s gestures say it all. Admit it. If you were a man in the eighties, especially going through puberty, you would jump at the chance to show your goods to Phoebe Cates.

8. Caroling Gremlins


Why is this batch of Gremlins cool you may ask? Because they were instrumental in bringing down the biggest bitch in Kingston Falls, Mrs. Deagle. That dog threatening, cold-hearted wench had it coming and we all cheered when she met her demise thanks to the Gremlins. Plus, the little monsters serenaded her to her death. Pretty metal there.

7. Spider (Mohawk) Gremlin


A true arachnophobe’s nightmare. The Mohawk Gremlin that one could refer to almost as Stripe Jr., was the self-appointed leader of The New Batch. He was already a sturdy bad-ass before his eight-legged transformation, however this version of him is considerably way cooler. Although to be fair, not quite as cool as Rambo Gizmo who got the better of ole’ Spidy Gremlin.

6. Bat Gremlin


Seriously, how cool is this guy? Half bat, half Gremlin terror; and one mean little sucker from The New Batch. The Brain helped fulfill this Gremster’s fate by injecting his comrade with a bat serum from the Splice’ O Life Lab and the results are one badass flying nightmare that creates chaos on the streets of New York City.