‘Paranormal State’ star a Fraud?

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This is not the first time fingers were pointed at ghost investigators that they were frauds.’ Ghost Hunter’s star Brian Harnois scammed his fans thousands of dollars with undelivered merchandise and cancelling events. Sounds exactly what ‘Paranormal State’ star, Ryan Buell is doing to  scam people of their money. Buell starred on his hit show “Paranormal State” and his research from December 2011 to May 2011. The group was founded when he attended Pennsylvania State University at the age of 19.

ABC Investigative reporter, Diane Wilson has been keeping an eye out for the alleged fraud.

In the beginning of this month, Ryan Buell announced over social networking sites that he would be cancelling his US and Canada lecture tour that was suppose to start this summer. Buell went with the reasons of ‘health issues’ for cancelling the tour.

The tour was suppose to start on June 4 and go till June 22. But since the tour has been cancelled, fans have been flooding Buell’s Facebook page and demanding refunds.

Co-star of ‘Paranormal State’, Sergey Poberezhny left a message to fans on why the tour was cancelled:

“Refunds are being given out, but it is unfortunately a very slow process. One of the things we know we have faltered on is communication and customer service. We are looking into several services and ways that can help us ensure we are able to improve in this area. We are not sure why there are people claiming that we never announced an event postponement, but we did send out several emails. We will agree that some of the emails could have been sent out earlier, and for that we take responsibility on and are sorry for the inconvenience, stress, and aggravation it has caused,”  

But then a strange thing happened on June 20th on Buell’s Facebook page, he announced another tour: “Join Michelle and I for our ‘Conversations with the Dead Tour’. We are hitting up Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, and surprise visits to two other Texas cities, July 14-28, 2014,”

Chip Coffey and Michelle Belanger who also starred on “Paranormal State” dropped out of the ‘Conversation with the Dead Tour’ shortly after the tour was announced. Which, once more lead to the whole tour being cancelled. Buell finally left a message on his Facebook apologizing to fans:

“Dear Friends,

I am deeply sorry to have disappointed you. It breaks my heart, and I apologize most sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to complete the tour. However, in addition to the PayPal issues, unexpected serious medical issues arose repeatedly, complicating things in ways that you cannot imagine.

I am an extremely private person and I did not want to come forward with my medical issues.

We need time and space right now to recover and regroup. We will be offline for a while…

Please pray for us. Thank you for your forgiveness, understanding and compassion.

Humbly yours,
Ryan Buell”

Fans are still left without refunds and no more has been said from Buell.

What do you think of this? Buell a fraud or just some bad luck?

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