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Paranormal Games: The Answer Man

by Waylon Jordan
Answer Man

Hello, Paranormal Gamers, and welcome back to our series of the scariest, spookiest games in the world. We’ve covered some of the weirdest and strangest “games” so far from the more complex Three Kings Ritual to the relatively simple–though just as frightening–Cat Scratch Game, and today I’ll introduce you to The Answer Man.

Like so many of our paranormal games, this one is rumored to have begun in Japan, though I have been unable to find any evidence of that beyond hearsay. No Japanese sites I could find mention this game specifically nor anything like it really.

I think the association comes from films like Pulse and other similar “ghost in the machine” type tales we have seen from countries like Japan and Korea.

Either way, the “story” of The Answer Man is one of the strangest I’ve come across in this journey.

Reportedly, it is the spirit of a child who was born without a body, and so, throughout his afterlife, he has sought the things he lacked, taking body parts from those who do not play his game correctly.

Check out the supplies, rules and warnings for the The Answer Man below, and let us know if you’ve ever played in the comments!

The Answer Man: Supplies, Rules, and Warnings!


Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

You need ten players for this game and ten cellphones. Easy enough, right? Almost…

I recommend you use cheap burner/prepaid phones for this purpose of this game. If you reach the Answer Man, you’re going to want to destroy the phone afterward and no one wants to destroy a phone that costs over $1000 because they managed to make contact with a supernatural entity.


The rules for The Answer Man are also pretty easy to follow, but they must be followed to the letter.

All ten players must sit in a circle and at the appointed time, every player should call the player on their left, i.e. Play 1 calls Player 2 who calls Player 3, etc. This must be done in perfect unison.

Once you hit send, every player should hold their phone to their ear.

Everyone in the circle should either get a busy signal (do busy signals still exist?!) or go directly to voicemail, but if you’re successful one person should hear ringing and the Answer Man will respond to their call.

Whoever makes contact can ask the Answer Man any questions they wish. He will answer truthfully, so be sure you’re ready for an honest response. However, after each question you ask, the Answer Man will then pose a question to you, and you must answer just as honestly as he did.

If you are unable to answer or you answer his question falsely, it is said that a hand will emerge from the phone and attempt to tear a piece of your body off in order to add it to his own.

Creepy, right?

You can end this game whenever you want by simply hanging up, but if he asks you a questions before you have the chance to do so, you must answer.


As I said before, you must answer the Answer Man’s questions honestly and completely to avoid being harmed. You must also answer all questions. You can’t just hang up if you don’t like what he asks.

After you finish the game, destroy the phone where the Answer Man made contact. Don’t just throw it away. Remove the battery and take a hammer to the thing. Destroy it completely and then get rid of the pieces.


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