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A few months back, we let you know that the fifth film in the Paranormal Activity franchise (sixth if you count The Marked Ones spin-off movie) was officially being subtitled The Ghost Dimension. Along with that info came the news that the film’s release date was being bumped up from 2016 all the way to March 13, 2015, seemingly putting the kibosh on the series returning to its former October home. Well, those aren’t the only changes in store for Paranormal Activity fans. Part 5 will officially mark the franchise’s journey into the third dimension.

Paranormal Activity

That’s right, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension will be the first film in the series – and the first wide-release found footage horror film overall – to be presented in 3-D. For those wondering if 3-D effects will ruin the illusion of found footage, it’s important to note that consumer cameras do exist with 3-D capability, so it’s not inconceivable that the protagonists of Paranormal Activity 5 would choose to document the phenomena they’re experiencing in three dimensions. Of course, the logical reason they would choose to do this is a bit less apparent, but it is a movie after all. Some suspension of disbelief has to be accounted for.

Sadly for fans of true 3-D films, Paranormal Activity 5 will not be shot in the format, and will instead be post-converted before it hits theaters. This is obviously the more cost effective approach, and it’s doubtful Paramount would ever want to shell out the cash necessary to turn a notoriously cheap to make horror series into a full-on 3-D extravaganza. Still, hopefully the final product turns out better than the almost universally hated The Marked Ones and the extremely divisive Paranormal Activity 4.

Paranormal Activity