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With the success of A Quiet Place, Paramount is convinced that there is worth in investing in the low-budget horror film genre (because of course there is). John Krasinski’s successful horror title is currently being eyed for a sequel, but until then, Paramount is starting the production process for a new (low-budget) horror title with Alexandre Aja.

Aja is a French director best known for the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes, his foreign horror-flick High Tension (Haute Tension), and Piranha 3D (a horror sub-genre film relevant to this new project).  

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THR reports that Paramount has assigned Aja to direct their next project Crawl, a horror film about a Floridian woman grieving the death of her father during a category 5 hurricane. Unfortunately, as the young woman’s house begins to flood, she must avoid falling prey to “Florida’s most savage and feared predators” (presumably alligators).

Paramount has designated Sam Raimi and Craig Flores to produce the film. Raimi has shown his worth as a horror producer with the original The Evil Dead and the 2013 remake, along with The Possession. Craig Flores has worked as executive producer for 300 and Pay the Ghost, and produced 300: Rise of an Empire.

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Aja has recently finished writing a draft of the script which was first penned as a spec script by Shawn and Michael Rasmussen (The Ward, The Inhabitants). The project was previously in development with Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar Baby, Crank) and Annapurna Pictures (The Bad Batch).

Alexandre Aja is also in charge of directing the first episode of the new VR Horror series “Campfire Creepers”. If you would like to read on the new innovative series and Aja’s episode, you can check our article here.