Paramount Puts ‘World War Z 2’ on Ice for Now

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To say that Paramount’s loose 2013 adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel World War Z was a troubled production would be putting it mildly. The film cost nearly $200 million to make, and that’s without including all the reshoots.

Yet, despite all the on-set turmoil – including repeated clashes between producer/star Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster – World War Z earned decent reviews from critics, and hauled in over $540 million worldwide.

World War Z

A sequel has seemed inevitable since, but things have been hot and cold on the project. Still officially untitled – but referred to as World War Z 2 for clarity’s sake – the sequel first needed to find a director to replace Forster.

Pitt began actively courting his frequent collaborator David Fincher to direct the zombie sequel, and to the surprise of many, he agreed to do so. Sadly, The Playlist now reports that Paramount has halted preproduction.

At present, it’s unclear if World War Z 2 is now dead for good, or if Paramount plans to try and redevelop the project. If they do, it seems likely Fincher won’t come back, as it took convincing to land him in the first place.

According to The Playlist’s report, Pitt is far from pleased with Paramount right now, and it’s hard to blame him, considering how much time he’s put into the potential sequel already. For now though, World War Z 2 is on ice.

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