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‘Hall’ Injects Pandemic Horror with Serious Cabin Fever [Trailer]

by Curt Fiers
Pandemic Horror - Hall

We’ve probably all reached our limit of  worldwide diseases trapping us inside. Thanks to the new pandemic horror Hall, though, we know just how bad things can get. Sure, the sense of cabin fever you’re now feeling is unsettling. Imagine an illness 100 times deadlier than COVID-19, though, that’s got you trapped in a hallway.

Yeah, break out the claustrophobia pills.

Hall Trailer Premiere

It was recently announced that the feature-length directorial debut of Francesco Giannini was chosen as a FrightFest selection that will premiere August 30 during the virtual festival. Giannini has found previous success with the award-winning short The Flare and as executive producer of Woodland Grey.

If you’ve yet to see anything from this director, his new pandemic horror is the right place to start. Here’s the trailer for Hall:

If you were wondering what could be worse than being stuck in your house and having Papa John’s delivered every other day, this is it. If there’s one thing we can learn while viewing this movie, it’s that you should avoid getting trapped in a hotel during a deadly pandemic at all costs.

Hall Synopsis

Here’s a bit more information on what may be an exciting and too-close-to-home pandemic horror:

“Hall tells the story of Naomi, a Japanese runaway wife, and Val, a helpless young mother, both struggling to escape an abusive relationship as well as a hotel hallway, which has been infected by a mysterious airborne virus killing everyone rapidly. In this isolated and despairing space, fear becomes viral as the women run for their lives. In the face of contamination, is there hope at the end of the hall?”

Japanese actress and model Yumiko Shaku – who has dozens of film and television credits under her belt – stars alongside Carolina Bartczak, Mark Gibson, Julian Richings and Bailey Thain. You’ll also be getting an early look at an up-and-coming production company, Franky Films.

Make Pandemic Horror Fictional Again!

We might be living our own version of pandemic horror, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying Hall when it debuts. We’ll eventually get back to a point where these films are more fiction than reality, but until that time, why not enjoy them while we can?

Got any fun pandemic films you’ve been enjoying while in lockdown? Tell us about them in the comments!

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