It has made a lot of money so far. A LOT of money. This is excellent news for genre fans, but it’s also excellent news for the young actors who starred in the film. Owen Teague, who played Patrick Hockstetter in the film, was one of the highlights. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much of him – but that’s about to change.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the Teague will be starring alongside veteran actor Gary Oldman in a new film called Mary, a movie about a family who buys a ship only to discover there is something terrible onboard. Michael Goi, who has done work on American Horror Story, will direct.

Oldman plays the father figure and the captain of the ship. Owen Teague will serve as second-in-command to his father on the ghastly vessel. Just who or what is haunting the boat, however, remains to be seen. Is it ghosts? Is it some sort of animal? Is it something else? I don’t know, but I’ll tell you one thing, I certainly am curious.

The Shallows writer Anthony Jaswinki – someone who clearly knows about the dangers of the open water – serves as the writer on the film. Mary is scheduled to begin filming in Alabama at the end of this month.

Though It is not Teague’s film debut, it most certainly is what many will get acquainted with him by. I thought his depiction of Patrick was great in the film, despite differences from the book. But, seriously, did anyone think that the Patrick from the novel would behave the same way in the movie? That may just be too much for a big-budget film. If you need to know exactly what I’m talking about, go back and read the book. As if you need any more encouragement to…

We will keep you updated on Mary as the news rolls in. Stay tuned.