Lest we forget, the whole The Walking Dead thing began over a very well-written and illustrated comic book by Robert Kirkman. The series on AMC has screwed the zombie pooch a few too often and has left us with a lot more soap opera vibes with over the top cartoonish kills instead of any stakes or humanity. But, the latest trailer from Overkill’s take on The Walking Dead offers up some actual substance similar to what was demonstrated throughout the comic. Things are bleak and nobody is safe, just like ma’ Kirkman intended.

The latest character trailer gives us a look at determined and tired Grant on his search for his grandaughter, in a world overrun with the undead. The tone is somber and effectively gives us a glimpe of what feels like genuine emotion. I can’t help but feel like this is the kind of Walking Dead we would be seeing on AMC if Frank Darabont had been left to his actual cinematic eye and voice but I digress.

Overkill is a Star Breeze studio and is working in partnership with Skybound themselves. These are good hands to be in considering that Overkill was behind the multiplayer heist-centric game Payday and Star Breeze developed Chronicles of Riddick and Dead By Daylight. Only downside is no official gameplay has been offered up just yet, so we are holding out hope but remain partially invested.

Each one of the character trailers has been progressively more impressive. If you haven’t already seen the trailer for Maya and Aidan  give em a look too. Grants trailer has us hoping for the best. If this can combine great gameplay with the same kind of substance that Telltale Games Walking Dead series offers, then this could be a great thing for zombie loving gamers.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is due out fall 2018 on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. In the meantime give the trailer a look and let us know what you think.