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‘Outlast’ and ‘Outlast 2’ Creep into the Switch Market

by Sam Angelo
Outlast Switch

Red Barrel’s Outlast: Bundle of Terror (which includes Outlast and Outlast: The Whistleblower DLC) has appropriately crept into the Switch market completely unannounced, starting at $24.99.

While the Switch has brought horror titles to its market like Layers of Fear: LegacyResident Evil Revelations, and Perception, it had yet to include an outright horrifying, gore-ridden, unadulterated fright fest like Outlast.

Image via Bloody Disgusting

It doesn’t stop at just the first Outlast though. The “Coming Soon” section of the Switch Market also shows that Outlast II is available for pre-order at $29.99 (Switch Market has 03/27/2018 posted as the release date).

Image via Facebook

Now wait, because it gets even better. Survival horror gamers and fans of the series may remember that on December 7th of last year, Red Barrels revealed that the Switch version of Outlast would be out somewhere in the first quarter of 2018, and that the team would then be focusing funds and assets towards an Outlast 3, as well as a new installment in the series’ universe.

With the Outlast: Bundle of Terror port submitted to Switch’s market, and the Outlast II port nearing completion, fans from all murderous asylums and barren valleys alike can most likely – if not definitely – expect Red Barrels to reveal more information on their next projects at E3 2018.

Sources: GameInformer, Bloody Disgusting

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