Outlast & It’s Whistleblower Expansion Free On Humble Bundle

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If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Outlast or it’s Whistleblower DLC now’s the time to grab it while it’s completely free courtesy of Humble Bundle. Be sure to act fast, the game is only being given away for the next two days. Be sure to keep your cameras charged, and peek over every corner, Mount Massive Asylum is dangerous after all.

For those of you who haven’t played Outlast yet, the game-play is simple but terrifying. You are put into the shoes of investigative journalist Miles Upshur who is seeking evidence of inhumane treatments being used by the doctors at Mount Massive Asylum. Upon arriving one thing is obvious, something horrible has happened and it’s up to Miles to find out just what it was.

Image Credit: Outlast ( Red Barrel Studio)

The game spends its opening moments setting up the oppressive atmosphere that will follow you throughout your journey, and warns you that Miles is not a fighter. Should combat situations arise your only options are to run hide, or die. All while using your camcorder to record all the atrocities taking place in the asylum, while simultaneously looking desperately for a means to escape the carnage.

Outlast goes out of its way to make the player uncomfortable and disturb them every chance it is given. There is always some new fresh Hell lurking around the next corner, or behind any random closed door. Making exploration a dreadful necessity as you search desperately for batteries for your camera, which serves as your only source of light.

Image Credit: Outlast ( Red Barrel Studio)

While the game may be four years old and recently had a sequel release, Mount Massive is still just as terrifying as it has ever been. Outlast is an experience that any horror gamer should have, and now that you can nab it completely free from Humble Bundle, now’s as good a time as any to check into the asylum and unearth the unspeakable secrets buried beneath the surface there.

Feature Image Credit: Outlast ( Red Barrel Studio)