‘Outlast 2’ Official Launch Date Has Been Revealed

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‘Outlast 2’ has been confirmed to launch on April 25, 2017.  One of the best indie horror games of recent years has a sequel, and it’s set to launch next month, prepare yourselves for true terror again.  Details on the plot of the game have been hard to come by which is definitely a good thing.  A project like this is best to go into it fresh, and unprepared.

A short playable Demo was released last year for players to get a taste of what they were in for, and having played it myself, ‘Outlast 2’ is promising more terror that the first two games delivered on.  Alongside the sequel the ‘Outlast Trinity’ will also be releasing allowing players who haven’t played the first two games to get caught up.

It will feature the original ‘Outlast’ accompanied by it’s ‘Whistle Blower’ DLC expansion which served as a prequel to the events of Outlast.  All of that alongside ‘Outlast 2’ which will be releasing on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 both digitally and physically.  At the time of writing this prices have yet to be announced but the standard Triple A price rates are to be expected.

‘Outlast 2’ has been looking extremely promising even in the shadow of the original.  The original ‘Outlast’ was a memorable horror gaming experience, and helped to bring popularity back to the survival horror genre.

‘Outlast’ sticks the player in life threatening situations constantly emphasizing early on that fighting is not an option.  Your only means of survival are to run, hide, and pray that whatever is hunting you doesn’t find you.

Since the release of the original ‘Outlast’ we have seen a resurgence of horror in gaming and the impact of ‘Outlast’ on the genre as a whole.  Most notably of which was the impact it had on ‘Resident Evil 7’ among other influential pieces of horror both cinema and game.

Prepare yourselves for a return to true terror next month with ‘Outlast 2’ and keep an eye out for the wall runner.

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