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Damien Thorn may have a vested interest in Outback Steakhouse if the internet is correct.

One eagle-eyed web surfer with time on their hands noticed that the restaurant chain’s locations create a pentagram if you connect the dots.

The pentagram (a five-pointed star) is not wholly satanic though. In fact, it has many different meanings in many different cultures and religions. But it may be most known for being a symbol used in the practice of Satanism.

That seemed to be the motivation behind the Twitter user’s picture of their findings which reveals Outback locations across the U.S. with the devilish icons.


Although truth be told an occultist’s pentagram has a circle connecting the five points — but we’ll leave the devil to the details.

The meme has already received over 230,000 likes.

“Wtf is Outback Steakhouse planning,” Twitter user @eatmyaesthetics wrote.

Others began to do their own investigating and users in Cincinnati, North Carolina, and Virginia made their own comparisons.

The non-supernatural explanation may be that the chain likes to build their restaurants outside major cities, but others think they have more nefarious reasons.

“Nah we’re on to you devil restaurant,” said one user.

“Wth is going on here @Outback we need answers,” said another.

Another asks, “Who knew when they said “a taste from down under”, they meant hell.”

Mostly though, Twitter users including Outback itself had tongue firmly planted in cheek and began to draw their own diagrams after connecting local locations.

Some found images that revealed a stick figure soccer player, Pac Man, and for the more crass; male genitalia.


But Outback jumped in and made their own map meme: an image of their signature Bloomin’ Onion with the response which reads simply: “Plot twist.”


Outback told the Daily Dot that they have “No plans other than to bring bold steaks and Bloomin’ Onions to our guests!”