Ouija Board Predicts Deaths of Mother and Daughter; House Explodes Shortly After

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Ouija boards. Are they really capable of predicting the future and bringing evil upon those who trifle with them, as suggested in last year’s horror film Ouija? Or are they merely toys, rather than conduits to the other side? Read on, before answering that question…

As reported by The Mirror today, 60-year-old Margaret Carroll and her 37-year-old daughter Katrina Livingstone played around with a Ouija board this past weekend, in an attempt to contact their recently deceased dog. The woman’s husband, Paul Carroll, was responsible for the dog’s demise, claiming he drowned it after it became possessed by the spirit board.

Yea. This story is already way weird. But it gets even weirder.

According to next door neighbor Donna Sowerby, Katrina relayed the Ouija experience to her, telling her that the mystical board had predicted the deaths of both her and her mother. Mere hours after revealing this to Sowerby, the Carroll home burst into flames. When the smoke cleared, mother and daughter were found outside in the garden – critically injured.

The fire was right the way through the property. It was horrible,” said Sowerby. “There was a mini explosion and one of the firefighters was blown back.”

The two women remain in critical condition, and local police suspect that they are responsible for the fire. Apparently, their condition has nothing to do with the actual fire itself, which makes this mysterious story all the more mysterious.

What the hell happened, inside the Carroll home? And does the Ouija board really have anything to do with it? Your guess is as good as ours!

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