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It’s not every day that one finds an opportunity to write about deleted scenes. Then again, it goes without saying that deleted scenes are typically cut for a reason. Not all outcast scenes are created equal, however, and “Otis and Candy Make Funky Music” from The Devil’s Rejects was playing on a different level.

What towered above the humor of “Funky Music” was the larcenous performance of Rob Zombie favorite Elizabeth Daily, who snatched every second of this deleted clip from Bill Moseley, who consistently ate up the screen as Otis Driftwood.

Following an early morning escape, Kahiki Palms Motel shenanigans, a devilish open-field beatdown and reluctant stop for some Tutti fuckin’ Fruitti, Otis found himself in need of release.

Enter Charlie Altamont’s Frontier Fun Town’s top-earning girl, Candy.

Of course we got the fabulous exchange of “Whatchoo lookin’ at?” and “I’m lookin’ at you, mama” before the backroom festivities played out on screen, though theatre-goers never laid eyes on it.

And that’s a shame.

As an inebriate, Daily gave Mr. Lahey a run for his money and was not only funny, but adorably sexy as she shed light on the intricacies of the “hot and cold runnin’ pussy on tap” that was the Fun Town menu.

If you haven’t taken the time to watch the deleted scenes from Zombie’s masterpiece, do yourself a favor and check out the drunken discourse between Moseley and Daily because it’s absolutely hysterical.

How did this not make the final cut?