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Orlando Welcomes Dark Horizon

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Dark Horizon is Orlando’s latest haunted attraction to hit the scene this October.

The company was initially established in California, and they decided it was time to flex their muscles in the sunshine state. This past week they opened their gates in Kissimmee.

With competition as stiff as it is in central Florida, the mecca for attractions of all kinds to attract tourism, you have to be good. No, you have to be fantastic!

Dark Horizon accomplished just that by bringing new elements to your typical scare attraction and haunted house scene. The haunt found something to set itself apart from its bigger brother, Universal Studios.

The attraction includes three haunted houses; Vodou, Murder Island, and Ghostship.   Check out Vodou first!

While geographically smaller than Halloween Horror Nights with only three houses to explore, it makes up for it with their live attractions. The Dark Horizon Aerialists take to the night sky dancing on silk ropes. Duo Tempestt and Teddy dance effortlessly with a chemistry that is undeniable. These two set the night’s tone with mystery and excitement.

On Dark Horizon’s second stage fire dancers and eaters told a story of danger and whimsy as they wielded flames and lit up the night sky. These fire performers had a genuine respect for the fire they manipulated and their stunts were parallel to none. The overarching storyline told by the actors and houses felt like it was brewed in the swamps of Florida themselves.

Dark Horizon is certainly a welcomed breath of fresh air in Florida’s haunted happenings.

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